Online Lottery Tickets - Fact or Fiction?

You may have heard of online lottery tickets. Websites that are sometimes called concierge services or sometimes called proxies. It doesn't matter what they're called. The important thing is that they let you buy your lotto tickets online.

This might not seem like a big deal to Mr. Bigshot living in Manhattan, who can just step outside the office on the way to the LIRR train station and just quickly buy a lotto ticket. Understandably, someone like that wouldn't really see what the fuss is about.

But what if Mr. Bigshot's company decided to send him to live in Shenzen for a year or two? What if Mr. Bigshot in Shenzen wanted to try his luck at the Mega Millions Lotto? Or the Powerball? What if Mr. Bigshot had heard of the EuroMillions Lotto in Europe and decided he wanted to try that one? Well, Mr Bigshot would be out of luck if it weren't for the fact that lottery tickets can be bought online.

Ok...So Fact.

Fact: there are lots of concierge services out there. Fact as with everything in life you need to separate the wheat from the chaff. The cream of the crop undoubtedly has to be a slick website called LotteryMaster.

LotteryMaster sets itself apart from its peers by the fact that it is an industry veteran, and has a strong network of workers around the world ready to go out and purchase tickets at a moment's notice.

This is the make or break for any concierge service: You need the service to have reliable concierges. These are the people who make the entire system tick. One thing that is consistent in all lotteries across the board and around the globe is that a person needs to physically walk into a store to buy a ticket. Just because you do it online doesn't change this simple fact. So what gives?

LotteryMaster works on the premise that you shouldn't have to do the grunt work. Let someone else do it. You relax at home, on the beach, or in Shenzen (where you will most likely not be relaxing) click a few buttons on the internet and someone else buys your ticket for you.

It works. It really does. You pick the numbers you want and your concierge buys them for you and puts the ticket away. In fact, no one other than you will have access to the ticket, which is protected in case you win. This is just a precaution anyway since the funds all get deposited directly into your account.

And now...the Fiction.

The fiction, of course, is that winning the lottery is made easier by a service like LotteryMaster. Playing is easier, that is a certainty. But winning is another matter. Nothing in the world of lotteries is guaranteed. And if any service tells you you're guaranteed to win, they're lying to you.

LotteryMaster, however, does offer up a lot of tools at your disposal. They have historic wins, live updates, and a slew of monitoring tools you can use in order to plot your course to victory. Winning the lottery is entirely in your hands. LotteryMaster just makes it possible.